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Name Wayne Ho
Alias(es) Rainman
Nationality Chinese
Place of Birth Kowloon City
Age 34
Current location(s) San Delfina
Occupation(s) Taxi Driver, Truck Driver, Cook
FBI Logo

Freedom of Information Act

Federal Bureau of Investigation


“Rainman” Wayne Ho is an enforcer of the Wo On Lok and a notorious Chinatown gangster. He’s one of the few San Delfina Chinatown gangsters that also gained fame among the public when he became an Instagram sensation that blew up after posting a series of El Chapo-like pictures he had taken on his million-dollar yacht.


Rainman was born in Hong Kong and only moved to the United States following the Hong Kong-handover in 1997. He was a troubled child that struggled with western and American culture. In his spare time, he would often be forced to work in his parents’ dry cleaner so he didn’t make a lot of friends. His best friend was his youth friend Paul “Bugs” Ma.

He grew up in a satellite Chinese enclave in San Delfina with a relatively high latino demographic. In high school, he was bullied for several years by Latino kids. In the relatively low income working class suburb, him and his family had a lot of bad luck with Latino gang activity. The young Rainman was beat up multiple times and put at gunpoint and his family’s laundromat was subject to armed robbery multiple times.

Rainman’s school had a lot of problems with drugs, violence and illegal weapons. At some point Rainman showed bad performance in school and had to repeat a school year. Here, he ended up being the older kid in a group of Chinese-Americans. This is where he met his life-long friend Stevie Cheng, Samuel Feng, the late Tina Zhou, Ryan Cheng, Edward Chow and Marvin Hau. They grouped up to fend for themselves.

Ocean Park Boyz

In their final year of high school, the group faced harassment from a local Latino gang. The situation escalated when the group decided to equip themselves with sharp kitchenware to retaliate. They hoped to end the on-going harassment, but instead their retaliation made it worse. Many of the members got in trouble with juvenile police.

When Rainman dropped out of his final high school year, the group radicalized. Rainman turned into a tormentor for many of the teenagers. Together with Paul Ma, they murdered the teenager Samuel Feng to make an example out of him. Paul ended up taking the blame for Feng’s death and went to juvenile prison, after which he would attend business school and never see Rainman again. Paul Ma was of above

The group was eventually scouted by a Wo On Lok cell in Chinatown headed by Henry Cai. The gang was approached by ah kung Lazy Eye Joey Ha-ha who contracted them as petty muscle against a local Wah Ching gang. Lazy Eye later died and was replaced by ex-Ghost Shadows enforcer Fingers Lee.


Fingers Lee tightened Rainman and Stevie Cheng’s affiliations with the triad and drew them to Chinatown. Initially the duo were primarily employed as errand boys and muscle. Rainman ended up working as a truck driver and trustee of Macau Ronnie & Cheese Trucking, one of present-day Wo On Lok triad boss Macau Ronnie’s businesses in the United States.

I make it rain, guy.
Could make it rain on you too. Ching-ching.

Initially Rainman was an associate in setting up a heroin trafficking operation linked to the Golden Triangle in Laos. But the infrastructure was later also used for human smuggling. After Rainman’s incarceration, the FBI found a gated prison cell in Rainman’s Chinatown apartment with a bed, a toilet and a sink where he allegedly kept smuggled girls before they moved out. Associates of Rainman’s said he was principally against forced prostitution, but instead used the girls as bait for robbing high-rollers.

Rainman’s ties with Macau Ronnie’s circles later got him involved in a money laundering scheme where he worked as a smurf – depositing smaller amounts of money in United States bank accounts.

Rainman colloquially converted the Ocean Park Boyz into the Black Turtle Gang. During a feud between the Wo On Lok and the White Tiger Gang in Chinatown, the Black Turtle Gang became the de facto Eng Suey Sun Boys. Eventually, Rainman and Stevie Cheng were initiated into the Wo On Lok by Fingers Lee.


Rainman’s criminal career was initially smooth sailing, going within a few years from a street gangbanger to a Wo On Lok enforcer collecting extortion money from San Delfina Asian street gangs affiliated to Chinatown, rendering the Wo On Lok the most influential regional triad.

But he wasn’t necessarily good at remaining under the radar. He exploded as an internet sensation after a spree of expensive purchases and posting pictures of his abundant lifestyle online. This allegedly put him on the radar of the FBI, in turn causing him to unveil the infrastructure of people the Wo On Lok so intricately set up over the years.

One night, the FBI raided a dry cleaning facility on the list of Eng Suey Sun Tong assets and uncovered a heroin den as part of the Wo On Lok’s heroin trafficking network in San Delfina. That same day Rainman was lighted from his bed in the early morning hours and prosecuted for multiple charges of which only a tax evasion charge stuck.

Over his years in prison, it became clear to the Wo On Lok what led to their operations being unveiled, and the triad turned against Rainman. However, with little to no power in the United States prison system unlike the Mexican Cartels and the ‘White Car’, Rainman’s time in prison remained unscathed.

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