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Name Sidney Chow
Alias(es) Big Face Sid
Nationality Hong Kong Chinese
Place of Birth Hong Kong
Age 57
Current location(s) San Delfina
Occupation(s) Bail Bondsman
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Freedom of Information Act

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Sidney Chow

“Big Face” Sidney Chow is a former red pole in the San Delfina 14K Triad, one of two triads with a presence in San Delfina. He has a strong reputation among the Chinatown underworld as a seasoned Chinatown gangster. The name “Sid Chow” even resonates with the younger generation.


Not much is known about Sid Chow’s family and their reasons for moving to the United States. It is only known that Sidney Chow was originally born in Hong Kong and moved to the United States somewhere during his youth, eventually ending up in San Delfina Chinatown where he has lived his entire life.

Sidney Chow doesn’t have a high profile with the local authorities. Sid’s criminal career, like many young Chinatown gangsters, was a life of petty crime until he realised during his teenage years that he had a fast mouth and had a knack for imitation and eye for detail. This set Sid on the path of becoming a successful con-artist and made him remarkably good at forgery.

For the greatest part of his adult years he has worked solo as a con-artist and forger, living from gig to gig in the San Delfina underground. He was good at making contacts, gaining him a reputation among some of the more important underground figures in San Delfina. Even going beyond Chinatown alone, which isn’t typical of secluded Chinese underground culture.

Sid never accumulated a lot of wealth, however. He never completed an education or practiced a particular trade. He went unnoticed by authorities for a long time, moving from apartment to apartment. Until one day he was unfortunately arrested. He served several years in prison. But his sentence was interrupted early for reasons of good behavior. When Sid got out, he affiliated with some shady figures, among which a Japanese American partner-in-crime.

Together, they went on a Bonnie & Clyde-style streak of robberies. This eventually got him in touch with some of the more serious criminal elements of Chinatown. Sid learned he wasn’t just good at forgery, but he was also good at handling a gun.

14K Triad

With not much to lose and a situational morality, he became part of a Chinese hitsquad that was occasionally contracted by the Italian mob. This is where he built himself the reputation of a skilled gunslinger. It wasn’t until long that San Delfina Chinatown background forces took note of this. When the hitsquad was eventually disbanded, Sid started a solo career as an enforcer for the 14K Triad. He collected debts and did the hard-hitting in extortion conflicts of gambling dens and underground brothels. This was a safe job for Sid as his targets were often illegal, thus they had no authorities to run to.

After several months, Sid made his bones and was initiated into the 14K Triad. He protected several Chinese high rollers in the white collar fraud business with ties overseas. He eventually recruited a handful of Chinatown hoodlums of his own. Sid Chow “The Enforcer” built himself a notorious reputation among the Chinatown underworld. The 14K Triad promoted him to the position of red pole.

Eventually, a brief war ensued between the 14K Triad and a regional splinter group. Sid was one of the heavy hitters, but when things got heated and he realised the 14K Triad was hit square, he broke his oath and decided to bail out. Sid packed his bags and moved to Honolulu. No trace was left of him and as expected the 14K Triad was pushed out of San Delfina Chinatown, opening a power vacuum for Wo On Lok.

Some years later, Sid moved back to San Delfina after his hiatus. He knew the 14K Triad would put him down any chance they’d get, but Sid was confident enough he’d talk his way out. Besides, the 14K Triad had no power here.

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Sid swore to live the rest of his life legitimately. He discarded his reputation as “The Enforcer” for his old garments: the fast-mouth. But instead of being a fraud, he decided to put it to use as a bail bondsman.


Sid Chow is known as a surly clown. He’s badly mannered and shameless. Carpe diem. He’s obese – spits, snorts, burps and farts. He has a rough, lazy appearance. He’s a little old-fashioned and always wears richly patterned silk shirts, sometimes a size too large. But he charismatically combines it with not-matching slippers and sun hats. He has an on-going, problematic gambling addiction, a history of abundant drug usage and an alcohol problem. He loves food and often frequents call-girls.

Sid has a soft heart for Chinatown. He’s somebody who knows the ins and outs of triad etiquette, although he doesn’t always bide by the rules himself. Although he’ll face the consequences heads-on.

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